Interview Script for Mr Ahmed Ali Zafer

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Dubai skyline and property visuals from Chalet International Property investment. This is a conversation between Mr. Raunak Gaikwad, Marketing Manager and Mr. Ahmed Ali Zafer, Co founder and MD of Chalet International Property Investment.

Mr. Gaikwad: Good morning, Lets start this quick on how Dubai skyline is transforming and the future holds in the the property/real estate market.

Mr. Ahmed Ali Zafer: “Good morning. It’s a pleasure to be amidst such an enthusiastic Interview this Monday morning, all of whom share a passion for Dubai’s illustrious real estate market.”

“Dubai’s real estate market has been nothing short of extraordinary. Just last June, we witnessed a record-breaking Dh22.7 billion in property sales. This, as reported by the Dubai Land Department, is the highest in the past 13 years, showcasing the continued ascendance and the relentless drive of our city.”

“But what truly fascinates me is what’s behind these numbers. The investor-friendly policies, the unprecedented regulatory changes, and the increasingly attractive golden visa initiative. Foreign investors can now more easily than ever obtain a long-term golden visa, bolstering real estate investments.”

“We, at Chalet International Property Investment, believe in the strategic amalgamation of these factors. These factors not only bolster our current standings but also indicate a long-term trajectory of growth for Dubai’s real estate.”

Mr Gaikwad:  “True, Mr. Zafer. As someone deeply involved in the real estate consultancy, I’ve seen how shifts in global events, governmental policies, and even taxation nuances shape the UAE real estate scene, especially the Dubai market. At Prosper Real Estate, we’ve crafted strategies that cater to the diverse needs of our residential and commercial clientele, ensuring they benefit from these dynamic changes.”

Mr. Zafer: “Absolutely. But a question that’s often posed to us – how do various economic indicators affect our real estate prices? For instance, changes in GDP growth and inflation rates deeply impact investor behavior and property valuation. A robust GDP growth often parallels a surge in property prices, signaling economic health and investor confidence. On the other hand, high inflation can erode purchasing power, making real estate less affordable.”

Mr Gaikwad: “And speaking of remarkable developments, let’s talk about Nakheel’s recent announcement.”

Mr. Zafer: “Ah, the Palm Jebel Ali island project. Twice the size of Palm Jumeirah, this masterpiece was recently unveiled by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The core of this launch revolves around the Coral and Beach villas. Their designs, inspired by the serenity of nature, offer a sanctuary to the residents.”

Mr Gaikwad: “Rasha Hasan, CCO of Nakheel, expressed her delight about this transformative project. It’s not just about luxury but also integrating health and well-being into everyday life. The vision of the fronds is to offer a blend of nature and opulence.”

Mr. Zafer: “Many esteemed international and regional architectural firms have collaborated on this project. The villas, with their floor-to-ceiling windows, offer panoramic views of private beaches, and the designs reflect luxury with a neutral palette.”

Mr Gaikwad: “The emphasis on pedestrian-friendly streets, green spaces, and ease of beach access through pocketed parks truly captures the essence of luxury intertwined with nature.”

Mr. Zafer: “In closing, Dubai’s real estate is not just about structures and buildings; it’s about crafting experiences, creating unparalleled luxury, and always pushing boundaries. Thank you for joining us today.

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